Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hollywood Hard Rock Cafe 5K with Sarah

Sarah and I rocked the Hollywood Hard Rock Café 5K with an official time of 35:59.3 minutes.  We set a cool 11:37 pace.  I was so proud of Sarah!  We were celebrating her 2 months of being cancer free with this run.  Just 7 months ago she had a tumor in her lung from Hodgkin's Lymphoma that prevented her from taking deep breaths and here she was running a 5K. 

Getting down to Sarah's house was a chore thanks to a shooting in the Los Angeles Airport.  Lucky for us, my plane wasn't scheduled to land for a few hours past the time of the shooting.  It's too bad our country will not ban assault weapons for ordinary citizens.  I'm thankful Sarah was nowhere near the airport.  LAX was closed for the day so my flight was stopped in Salt Lake City and then cancelled.  I was rebooked onto another flight into Burbank for the evening. 

Sarah and I left her house around 6:00am for a 7:00am run in Hollywood.  We didn't have any trouble with traffic or parking thanks to the huge parking garage underneath the Hard Rock Café restaurant.  We had plenty of time for a bathroom break and a few pictures before the race started. 

You couldn't ask for nicer weather.  The temperature was perfect.  There wasn't a cloud in the sky and we saw the sun come up just as we started the run.  The views were perfect everywhere you looked.  I really enjoyed this run.  I especially enjoyed running with my BabyBearButler!  Sarah and I could think of only one complaint.  We wished there was more music on each street corner.  Another fantastic improvement would be if Daddy and Alyssa were there with us!!!

"R" Sign is Back on the Rainier Brewery

Seattle-Tacoma Airport Sunrise on November 1st

Pantages Theatre

Start of Race

Grauman's Chinese Theatre

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