Saturday, June 29, 2013

2.35 Miles

The temperature today reached 83 degrees.  To avoid running in what I consider unbearable weather, I chose to get up extra early and run this morning.  Early, 7:01am, on a Saturday no less, I was out in our driveway waiting for my Garmin watch to find the GPS signal.  I ran a total of 2.35 miles in 29:29 minutes, averaging a 12:33 minute pace.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wednesday, June 26th Running Class

I joined Tory Klementsen's Base Builders Running Class.  It meets on Wednesday evenings at 6:30.  We are supposed to work on speedwork.  I really joined it so I could make some local running friends.  It is a small class and I like that aspect about it.  I'm going to miss some of the classes because of my schedule with Sarah's chemo. 

Last night I jogged 5.03 miles in 1:03:58. 

Saturday, June 22nd Seattle Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon

Seattle at 4:45am on Marathon Day

     I awoke at 4:45am with a fairly good night’s sleep.  The marathon started at 7:00am and I was supposed to meet Ali’s team at the starting line at 6:15.  The first thing I did was eat a half of a whole wheat bagel topped with turkey and cheese.  I also drank a Diet Coke and about 6 ounces of water.  I took my pills.  I then proceeded to do something I never thought I would ever do for a marathon.  I applied waterproof eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick.  This was over my sunscreen of course.    My new friend Linda, whom had run with Ali before, told me we should wear make-up because we were going to be on TV.  We left the condo at 5:55am and Mark drove me down to 5th Avenue so I didn’t have to walk too far to the starting line.
      I met Ali, Linda Siino from California, Laura Caley from Lake Forest Park, and Natalie Fraser from Oklahoma, and a lady from the Living Well Network, I’m sorry to say I forgot her name, at the starting line.  There was supposed to be someone else there too but there was a mix-up and she get the info to her about where to meet in time for her to run with us.  We chatted and didn’t wait too long for the race to start.  I ate a shot blok energy square.  Linda and I used the porta-potty right before the race.  Right after the moment of silence for the Boston Marathon and the National Anthem we headed towards Corral 11.

Linda, Laura, Ali, Jeanne, Natalie



Miles 1- 6  The starting line and course changed again from last year and once again it is an improvement.  It starts in front of the EMP and follows 5th Avenue under the monorail.  Last year Alyssa and I started out way too fast because of the descent at the beginning of the race.  It really affected my race.  The beginning of the course follows the Seattle Marathon course so it was very familiar to me.  We crossed the starting line 17 minutes after the race began.  Mark surprised me by being outside his office building at Mile 1 ½.  I wasn’t expecting to see him.  He gave me a quick kiss and I was on my way.  Laura, who is a friend of Linda’s, ran/walked with us for the first mile.  She was walking the half-marathon.  The first miles went by quickly but I found out that no one stopped to take any drinks.  Mark surprised me again at mile 5.  It was so good to see him.  He also had my shot blocks with him so I was able to have two of them.  This was right before what I thought was going to be the big hill of the race.  The course was changed and the incline was reduced significantly.  I was very surprised.  I had trained for elevation by jogging up 64th/Hwy 528 in Marysville and I was more than ready for the hills on the new course.  Somewhere around mile 6 was the large blow-up Rock-n-Roll Guitar Man they have previously had at the start of the race.  We stopped and took some pictures.

Jeanne, Ali, Natalie, Linda

Miles 6 - 12  We were now jogging on Lake Washington Blvd.  There was a breeze from Lake Washington and trees provided some shade.  There was a memorial to fallen serviceman along the way and before we knew it we were climbing onto the I-90 tunnel.  The deafening noise of the previous years was gone because they placed the music band at the far end of the tunnel.  You could have a conversation this year with your fellow runners.  It was quite an improvement.  After exiting the tunnel we followed the express lanes towards the stadiums.  When we exited the freeway after running 2 miles on it, we were downtown again.  I made a very brief potty stop.  We ran a few more streets in Seattle before making our way up onto the Viaduct where we had a spectacular view of Seattle’s Great Wheel.  We stopped to take pictures.  This was quite a contrast to last year when Alyssa and I ran/walked the marathon.  It was pouring rain and we were miserable.  We didn’t stop to look at the view; we stopped at the medical tent!  Alyssa got her oversize garbage bag to keep warm.  It did make for some great pictures, just not as scenic. 


I held my salute for the flag memorial of the fallen servicemen.

Natalie, Ali, Linda

Jeanne, Ali, Linda

Seattle's Great Wheel

Miles 12 - 13.1  I knew the end was soon and I had plenty of energy left.  When we entered the Battery Street Tunnel I was all set to run, but Ali wanted to walk, so we walked.  We finally started to run at the end of the tunnel.  We jogged until the Mercer Street incline about a third of a mile from the finish line, where we walked again.  When we got to the top of the hill, we jogged again.  I spied Mark in the crowd holding roses for me close to the finish line. 

My finish line time was 3:20:12.  I was disappointed.  I was hoping to finish around 3 hours and secretly hoping to finish at 2:45, since lately I was averaging 12 minute miles.  Oh well, this was a once in a lifetime experience, jogging with a celebrity.  Next time I will jog at my own pace and hopefully will see some improvement. 

After we crossed the finish line, Ali was interviewed for her TV show and the local news.  Linda was also interviewed so she will be featured on Ali’s Live Big program!  Yeah for her!!!  Linda has a great personality and will sparkle on TV.  We waited for Laura and she finished just 25 minutes behind us.  She was awesome!  After making our way through the finisher’s chute, I saw Mark again.  He was waiting there with a dozen red roses.  A special thanks to my husband for being a wonderful support person. 
This was a unique experience and I’m grateful for it.  I ran with a celebrity and made some new friends!  Ali, Linda, Laura, and Natalie are very lovely people who were a pleasure to run/walk the streets of Seattle with. 


Friday, June 21st

     Mark and I drove down to the Queen Anne district of Seattle to stay at Roy and Mary Sebring’s beautiful condo.  It is located on the corner of Queen Anne and Roy Street and has a breathtaking view of the Space Needle and Elliot Bay.  We are fortunate to have such generous friends.  We had a tasty lunch at a Thai restaurant called Racha located a few blocks away. 


At 3:00 I attended Ali Vincent’s workout at Kerry Park.  Kerry Park has an iconic view of Seattle so it was a lovely backdrop for the camera shots.   Ali’s workout kicked my butt and it is on film!  I am so embarrassed.  I hope it doesn’t make it to the TV show but I have a feeling it will.  At the end of the warm-up, she had us doing a crab walk that utilized upper arm strength.  I could not do it.  I was behind every single person by a long shot.  After the disastrous warm-up, we were divided into groups, and went to 5 different stations to do exercises.  Jumping Rope, Planks, Squats, Jumping Jacks, and Lunges.  Everything had to be done for 1 minute.  We did this 3 times with jogging laps of the park in between.  After the workout was done Ali talked and answered questions for a half hour.  We then had a group photo taken.


Mark and I went to dinner at Pagliacci Pizza only a few short blocks away.  It is so nice to be able to walk to lunch and dinner from the condo.  We then spent the rest of the evening in front of the spectacular windows taking pictures and enjoying the view.  I took a couple hundred of pictures of the Space Needle.  We set the alarm for 4:45am.  I went to bed about 9:30pm.  I was exhausted from waking up early, Ali Vincent kicking my butt in that workout and worrying too.   I have to admit, after the workout, I had serious doubts about my ability to finish the half marathon.  My confidence did a serious nosedive.  A good night's sleep took my worries away and renewed my self-belief.


Thursday, June 20th

New Day Northwest & the Seattle Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon Expo

Tracy Harper, Terri Hall, and I attended a taping of the show New Day Northwest in downtown Seattle.  Ali Vincent was one of the guests.  Since I am running with her at the half-marathon, I thought it would be fun to get the three of us tickets to the show.  After the taping we went out to lunch.  We had a pleasant time visiting and enjoying the cafĂ© located in Fremont Terri found for us.  Tracy and Terri then dropped me off at the marathon expo and drove home.
Tracy Harper, Jeanne, Terri Hall
Jeanne, Ali Vincent, Tracy Harper
The marathon expo is located at CenturyLink Field Event Center.  I love this expo.  It is well organized with lots of different booths and sample giveaways.  I missed the lecture given by John Bingham, the self pro-claimed penguin, because it was rescheduled an hour sooner than advertised. Lucky for me, he was hosting the other speakers, so I was still able to meet him.  He autographed my copy of his book and I took picture taken with him.  It looks rather goofy. 
John Bingham aka The Penguin
Previously unknown to me, Ali Vincent was also speaking at the expo. I decided to stay for her lecture.  Meanwhile, I visited with my two new friends.  Ali was so much fun to listen to.  She talks non-stop and you wonder where the time goes.  I can see why she was chosen to be on Biggest Loser and why she has her own show.  It was a fun day that went by too quickly.  I didn't see everything at the expo but I met two new friends and had wonderful conversations.

Ali Vincent

Linda Siino, Laura Caley, Jeanne


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday, June 19th

Mark and I jogged together on the Centennial Trail.  Well we started off together and after a half mile I went my speed and Mark went his.  I did another short taper run.  2.46 miles in 30:12 minutes.

Sunday, June 16th

Today was our 29th Wedding Anniversary.  I jogged a 5 mile taper run before we left for the San Juan Islands for a few days.  My time was 1:07:34.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What Goes Up, Must Come Down

Today was a jog where I worked on improving my endurance of running uphill.  I did the same run I did last week but I lengthened it.  I ran up the sidewalk on Hwy 528 and went all the way to the end of the Bayview Trail.  Turns out there is a nice view of the water from there.

Highway 528

While I was jogging up the hill today, I kept thinking to myself, take small steps and keep even exertion to your breathing.  I was able to make it to the top without stopping even at the steepest part.  I hope to do that during the half marathon.  The best part of going up hills, is what goes up, must come down.  Running down is definitely a sweet payoff for running up the hill.  I love the feeling of flying down the hills.

I jogged 4.25 miles in 55:28 minutes.

This is the far end entrance I jogged to today

A view of Port Gardner from the trail!


Monday, June 10, 2013

8.42 Mile Taper Run for the Seattle Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon

I signed up for a contest of Ali Vincent's Facebook page to be one of five people to run the Seattle Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon with her and I won!  Ali Vincent is Season 5's Biggest Loser Winner was the first female winner of the show.  I don't know any of the details yet.

Today I completed 8.42 miles in 1:44:34 minutes.  I was only supposed to run 8 miles but I did a little extra because it was nice out and I felt good. 


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Friday, June 7th

Sarah's #3 chemo was cancelled yesterday due to her low blood count. 

Liam on a park bench. He is not happy to get his picture taken.

Liam, Sarah's 3 year old puppy dog, and I jogged 2.75 miles in 38:06 minutes.  Earlier in the evening, Liam was banished from the Weiss party for barking too much, so I decided to take him jogging with me.  We jogged to downtown Pacific Palisades and stopped at the park for a potty break for Liam.  At the end of the jog, I decided to cool both of us down by walking to the end of Rivas Canyon Road.  I've never been to the end of it before.  One of these days, I'll have to go up in the canyon.

Wednesday, June 5th

Today is National Jogging Day.  I jogged 3.5 miles in 45:50 minutes.  It was a terrific day in Pacific Palisades.  The weather was ideal and every street I turned onto had honeysuckle or jasmine fragrance in the air.

Guess what?  The extra iFitness race belt I left at Sarah's house has a slightly larger pocket.  If I take off the protective rubber coating from my cell phone, it fits in the belt.  Yeah!  I can now run with my phone again.  One other thing, my Garmin GPS watch started working in the canyon where Sarah lives.  On the previous trips there, it didn't work.  I don't know what changed, but I'm glad it did.

Monday, June 3, 2013

10 Miles

Tomorrow I fly to Pacific Palisades, California so I can be with Sarah for her 3rd chemotherapy infusion.

I got my run in early this morning.  It is supposed to be 73 degrees today and I didn't want to get sunburned.  I started out at 7:00 am.  I finished in 2:08:54.  The preceding time doesn't account for bathroom breaks. 

Avg Pace
Summary     2:08:54.6        10.00        12:54
1 13:40.1 1.00 13:40
2 1210.4 1.00 12:11
3 12:37.6 1.00 12:38
4 12:47.2 1.00 12:47
5 13:18.4 1.00 13:18
6 12:13.1 1.00 12:13
7 12:52.7 1.00 12:53
8 13:06.1 1.00 13:06
9 13:00.8 1.00 13:01
10 13:08.4 1.00 13:10

Saturday, June 1, 2013

5K by the 5th

I ran 3.1 miles in 33:21 minutes.  This is a new personal record for me.  My times have improved a lot.
January     43:06 minutes
February   41:45 minutes
March       39:01 minutes
April         34:12 minutes
May          I had a chest cold
June          33:21 minutes/ to make up for missing May 1st did a 5K June 1st, 10 Miles June 3rd, and
                                            3.5 miles on June 5th.

Sailing in the afternoon with Joe, Mark, and Dana